TeraLink¡¯s OSMT series is ¡®Polarization-Nulling¡¯ based WDM analyzer for analyzing optical spectra in WDM bands. In addition to functions such as measurement of optical power and wavelengths, it measures ¡°true¡± OSNR, NF and PMD.

With its specialty functions for WDM analysis, OSMT series will contribute high efficiency in developing and installing WDM systems, WDM experiments in research laboratories, testing WDM channels in the field, and EDFA production lines.


"True" OSNR measurement
Noise Figure measurement
Degree of Polarization measurement
Power & Wavelength measurement
Channel history save and retrieval

WDM system production and installation
EDFA manufacturing
WDM network mainternace
Research labs

Parameter Specification(typical)
Wavelength Range
 1525nm ~ 1565nm (C-band)
 1570nm ~ 1610nm (L-band)
 1525nm ~ 1610nm (C+L band)
PMD tolerance
Frequency Read Resolution
 0.1Ghz (1pm)
Frequency Accuracy
OSNR Dynamic Range
 30dB @-25dBm input power
Wavelength Setting Resolution 0.025nm up to 10.0 nm 
Input Power Range
 p/¥ë   0 ~ -40dBm
 OSNR -30dBm
Power Accuracy
OSNR Accuracy

Polarization Dependency Loss <0.2dB
Optical Return Loss
Scanning time [s]
 p/¥ë   < 0.6
 OSNR < 0.8 @Fast mode
 OSNR < 1.2 @Normal mode
Dimension 350X220X400