TeraLink¡¯s WDM Analyzer OSMT-501 is a new breed of optical spectrum analyzer tailored for the use in the installation and maintenance of WDM networks. Unlike the conventional optical spectrum analyzers, OSMT-501 can measure the ¡°true¡± OSNR, NF (Noise Figure), and PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion), as well as optical power and wavelength of each channel. This instrument is also well suited for the development and manufacture of WDM components and subsystems.

TeraLink introduces an innovative optical performance monitoring solution based on our patented ¡°polarization-nulling¡± technique. Argos series OPM can monitor not only the optical powers and wavelengths of WDM channels, but also their ¡°true¡± OSNR even in a dynamically reconfigurable WDM network environment.